how to get old java games working for your motorola razr, that you are definitely using today!
if this page looks really terrible and rushed, that's because it is. this page was primarily made because i'm an idiot and need something to remind me of how to do this myself

alright, picture this! you've just bought/been gifted/found an older phone - say, the motorola razr v3 - which, it just so happens, can run java applications! but you're sick of the old stock stuff (of course you are), you wanna see your options.

step 1. how to check connectivity settings:

step 4: how to switch storage devices:

some stuff to note:
i'm not liable for any shitty files you put on your razr that potentially brick it. always try to be as sure as you can that your software's coming from a reputable source!
the screen sizing of a game can be an important factor to note - make sure not to install a file that notes having a larger screen sizing. you don't want it to look jank, or possibly not work.
share this page with your friends! with people who have java-capable phones, and people who don't! i'm not hosting this info here to keep it all to myself, it's here to be easily accessible so nobody else has to slog through '06 forums like i did. if anything's unclear or you'd like more info, feel free to e-mail me!
and most of all, have fun with your new java games !

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