what's this all about?

Considering I work as an old-games archivist, I'd say I'm pretty qualified to talk about this kind of thing here.

This kind of thing? you say, Webmaster, what is this series?
First of all, I'd like to apologise for introducing this topic in the most cringeworthy way possible. Second of all, I'm planning to use this part of my site to document all sorts of software and hardware fixes for older games consoles, up until about the 360/PS3. While I know probably the most about the games on these consoles rather than the hardware/software, there are some tricks of the trade that I want to document here.
Trust me, this stuff is pretty hard to find without Youtube or niche forums. Or whatever; my main goal is to put all of this stuff in one place, for easier access for nerds like me.

To lay down some ground rules, I have a couple guidelines for myself while writing these, which would be helpful for you (the reader) to know:

1. Everything must be laid out simply and clearly.
I am sick to death of cluttered, hard-to-read guides, and if you're reading this far, I'm sure you are too. No insanely technical language; everything must be able to be picked up and understood by a complete beginning to modding/fixing/whatever. I'll also be keeping the simpler, white-bg HTML style to enforce this. No crazy image placement and simple annotations, too.

2. Everything must be my own work.
I don't plan to steal anything to make these guides, and that includes both text and images. External links, when warranted (such as to firmware archives and such) would be allowed though. But as for writing guides, hosting images, any other lists or annotations; unless stated otherwise, it will all be done by me.

3. I'll be taking it as I go.
I'm just one guy doing this, and doing it for the love of it at that; I'll only be writing guides for whatever consoles or hardware I want, and even then it'll be spotty on whether it's for the software, hardware, or miscellaneous side of things. I don't want to make too big of a boring workload for myself, which could produce annoying or inaccurate guides. Sorry, them's the rules.

4. If I mess up, let me know!
I'm always looking to improve my own knowledge, so if you see an inaccuracy, a typo, a confusing picture, anything, feel free to shoot me an e-mail about it! Hell, if you wanna pass on some of your own knowledge too, that's great!

5. Finally; enjoy!
Link back to my site. Quote it in your own work. Mod, fix, break, and then re-fix your hardware! Digitise your software and back it up on the 'net, and create crosslink cables and have a LAN party with your friends! I hope my guides are of any use to you at all :)

I'll try to keep up to date on what I've posted here on my changelog, if you want to quickly check what I'm up to!

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