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my plans for this site

i've been coding in html for a couple months now, owing to my adoration of late-90's to late-2000's fansites. i adore it all; the fanlistings, guestbooks, webrings, the lot. however, my skill (or rather, lack of skill) really doesn't translate too well into creating one of my own. so this'll be a day-by-day kinda deal!
also, i just have too many damn interests. i couldn't make a site and stick to one thing - i mean, there's my dubbed devilman ova tapes i want everyone to hear about, and shin megami tensei, and how neon genesis evangelion taught me what gay people were, and cardcaptor sakura (and it's absolute best surviving fansite, little miss kinomoto, which got me into this mess in the first place-
oh, nevermind. you get the idea.

i just want to say, i hope you enjoy my site. sylvia signing off!!
hey... i should make a blog on here... huh.

wait, fuck. i forgot sam and max, vocaloid, cyberbitch(copyright pending) anime like ghost in the shell, saikano, perfect blue, spy kids 3D: game over, serial experiments lain, elfen lied; as well as higurashi no naku koro ni, zombieland saga, gory horror movies, the x files and twin peaks, umd videos and the platonic ideal of the multi-media device: the playstation portable, analog comfort (as opposed to horror), pokespe, my partner, ita bags, hackers 1995 (the best movie ever made), tamagotchis, warm meals, where did all the emacs of the world go-
yeah........... i have a lot to talk about (and a lot more code to write!!!!!! i better go :)

some clarification (10.4.22)

most of this still rings true, even though it was the very first couple of paragraphs i ever wrote on this site.
i still plan to review sam and max, horror movies, other games i like, the x files, and write essays on my idea of the "cyberbitch" in media, the psp, and much much more.

however, i'm in the process of building up an index for both my reviews, and blogposts like this one. you probably found this post from that index, which is good. all according to keikaku (keikaku means plan).
i didn't think that i'd be so fixated on this site within a week of making it. it's cool, and i've learnt so much coding it, but i've still got a long way to go.

thanks for reading this first post (both the archive and this short bit here) and i hope you'll stick around to see what i'm up to!

i wanna get my collections page up as soon as possible, put some images of my own on this site yknow what i mean hehe...
i wanna extend my about page and the FAQ, even if it's unnecessary.

hoping to post reviews of sonic the hedgehog 2 (which i saw opening day with my darling cringefail partner :heart:), hackers (1995), secret little haven... whatever comes to mind. it feels like there are tumbleweeds blowing around here at the moment, and i wanna fix that.

sylvie signing off!

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