i'm back!

lmao sorry for being gone for so long. i worked on this site a lot in a really short space of time, decided i hated the layout, but was too proud of my work to start over or even edit it in any substantial way. also i have been dying slowly; such is life

planning to hopefully archive and then completely overhaul the index again. plain lists are boring i want BUTTONS!!! i have a new pc and just like lain i am getting sucked back into my mother's womb, the digital

also god. who has time/energy/money/willpower to stand the physical world these days am i rite! i need to make that psp tutorial. and review all the movies ive seen.

there is so little and so much time. i have been thinking about going to church but who has time for that shit when i could be on the net. anyway enough pseudo-psychological bullshit and moving onto important things, like pages you can expect to see here. so uh

* new front page obviously
* shrines; ddr, nge, sel, p3, whatever im into
* about page update possibly.. the faq is too pretentious
* aaaand whatever else i think of. its five in the morning. im watching the sun rise.

thanx for coming home. love you
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8th aug update! new homepage introduced, here is my original mockup design for that lol