sylvie's tired, tired review of:
SAIKANO: She, the Ultimate Weapon

in short:

in long:

Saikano,or, She, the Ultimate Weapon is the most soul-sucking, awful, devoid of hope anime I have ever watched.
Okay, maybe that's a bit too mean... but it's true! Watching Saikano is probably one of the worst things I've ever done! I bought it second-hand after it point-blank refused to disappear from my local CEX and the mangled anime girl on the front cover intrigued me... but I know why this... this thing was languishing there, to die alone, now. It's fucking cursed. She, the Ultimate Weapon made me hate myself and the modern world and the medium of anime itself, and yet here I am recommending it to you.

Recommending? I know right - fucking incomprehensible, just like the show!
To Saikano's credit, I watched it all in one go (partly because I was mesmerised/horrified, but you know) on like 3 hours of sleep (lethal for an invalid like me) while texting my partner as fast as I could and sobbing hysterically.
...okay, that doesn't do anything for it's credit.

Saikano is lethal if you don't know what you're getting into. It will ruin your day and later, your life, to the point that over a month later, I still stare at the boxset's spot with all the contempt I can muster.
Pictured below:

But getting back to it.. what does Saikano have to offer you? And why is it so bad?
Saikano isn't bad, not really. It's a work with merit and talking points. But all it did was make me sad, to such ludicrous degrees to the end that I questioned whether it was a parody or not. Saikano wanted to make me cry so, so badly, and it did - with the side-effect that I was deliriously laughing the entire time during.
I also often questioned whether it's themes really mattered to it, towards the end. The stuff about war and the humanity that lives on inside of it was truly compelling to me, at points, and then a girl would scream and cry about missiles falling out of the back of her shirt and I would wheeze uncontrollably. Why didn't I care about Chise? She was cute, and she was sad, and every scene she was in made me angry. I still don't understand Saikano. I don't think I ever will.

Just watch Evangelion. Watch Evangelion and probably Ghost in the Shell or Gunslinger Girl and then MAYBE, maybe think about it.

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