SONIC 2 REVIEW (spoilers!!!!)

As a bit of backstory, I loved the first Sonic movie.
This wasn't a side-effect of it being the last movie I saw in cinemas before good ol' covid hit (no, that was actually Jojo Rabbit dir. Taika Waititi, which I loved just as much if not more than Sonic 1. huh) but simply that I watched it at the perfect time for a developing retro maniac.

I watched Sonic 1 (perfectly legally, I promise.... really!!!!!! I swear............... mhm...) a couple months after it came out. I wanna say April/May/June time, so it's our second anniversary!!! :)
The problem is, I became obsessed. In the span of two weeks, I watched Sonic 1 maybe 40, maybe 50 times. I can recite it. I became so obsessed with Sonic 1, I became obsessed with Hairspray, simply because James Marsden was in it.
I wrote and read a lot - and I mean, a lot, of really, really bad fanfiction. Some good ones, though, to their credit. I watched thinkpieces. I learnt Green Hill Zone on piano.
And, at a turning point of my life, somehow- I got my dad to dig out my sister's old Mega Drive.

I already had good memories of the Mega Drive sonic games - me and my sister would slave over them, her as Sonic and me as the perpetually-unplugged Tails. I hung the poster up on my wall and started playing.
I should probably mention, this is around the time I got sick. Not like cold-in-bed-for-a-few-days sick, but life-altering, couldn't lift my head, asleep all day sick. I was stuck in bed all day - but at least my Mega Drive, at least my good pal Sonic was within reach. For the few short hours I was conscious every couple of days, I watched episodes of Community and played Sonic 1 and 2 on an endless loop.
I got a bit better. I went back into education, back into the real world, and no matter how bad I got or how bad the rest of the world got, I always had the movie and my games console waiting for me.

My obsession grew. For Christmas, I got a Gamecube, and a copy of Adventure 2 Battle, which I laid into for three weeks straight. I picked up other games, for my new consoles, and my horizons expanded from Sonic to dozens and dozens of other series. I met people into the same things as I was, and I collected more and more random junk.
The maniac part of "retro maniac" bled into me and festered, and then there I was, watching Sonic 2 in cinemas, on opening day.

Finally, the "Sonic 2" part of this Sonic 2 Review:

Honestly, I think I liked this one more.
I've had to sit on it for a while, but I think I do!

The first movie really suffered from establishing the characters and setting, old and new, but now the second movie only has to focus on introducing Tails and Knuckles, it can do so much more with them all!
The continuation of Sonic's arc with the addition of Tails and Knuckles' was realy well done, I think, though I did find it a bit depressing how little the human characters were in the movie. Still, the ending with Super Sonic really got me!!!!!!! This version of Super Sonic being made of love... god. I'm insane. I made my partner go to see this movie with me.
Also, the voice cast is so so good!!!!!!!! I was hyped for Idris Elba the second I heard the announcement, and he delivered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire cast was so good... Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Tails had to grow on me a little, but all Tails actors do.

I also really liked how many more references there were in this movie. The whole thing felt a lot more comfortable with itself - which it deserved, considering Sonic 1 was the highest-grossing video game movie of all time - but it was just nice, so nice to see the movie be able to do what it wanted. I never played Sonic 3, that was the one we didn't own, but I could feel that love within this movie, even moreso than the first. It was palpable. The Sonic canon is so massive and all-consuming, and I really enjoy this little place the series has carved out for itself within that.
I'm definitely buying this on DVD the second it comes out. There's a Sonic 2-sized hole on my shelf!

My first impression, right out of the theatre, was that the whole thing was a fever dream - from the wedding scene (which I loved, by the way) to the dance-off (????? i loved that too but what was it.) - but that just makes me want to rewatch it even more. I don't do number/star/whatever ratings, but if I did, it'd get a.. um... uh... pretty high ranking! (I still need to rewatch it.)

Now for a Second Opinion:
from my dear victim, ser3al

do you have anything to say on sonic 1 and 2 that i can include as a second opinion on my site's review
do u have the run times of the two films
sonic 2 was 2h 2m, sonic 1 was 1h 33m
i feel like sonic 2 had like     a lot more in it for just an extra half an hour     to be fair there wasnt like loads going on in the first film   it felt very contained i mean   but sonic 2 on the other hand had like    so much     it was good   it was fast paced (hehe)  but honestly after like the wedding scene it just started 2 feel like a fever dream .... that might be cause id slept for less than the length of the film the night before and i didnt know much
if any  sonic lore before going in but yeah      the last hour or so was just a blur oh my goodness     loved the dance battle guy's little tattoo of himself though    im gonna get one of those i think

thanks for reading this silly review !! will probably update it when i see the movie again... thanks for reading!!
also thanks to ser3al, who has to put up with my shit on a daily basis and can't just close the page to get away from me <3
sonic speed ... :)